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Real plants for real people

About Us

Established March 2018

On March 23, 2018, a very fine Sunday afternoon, my  daughter asked me if she too was green thumbed liked me. So we decided to make a trip to Home Depo! My motivation is to have more things to do with her other than looking at an iphone,  computer screen  or tv you get the picture... and at the same time teach her the ways of an entrepreneur. I mean she started selling loom (rubber band bracelets) at 7!


Most of our pots are terra cotta pots and ceramic pot. They are good for your plants by the way! We only use plastic if it's recycled and if we really have to for lighter shipping. We also use organic compost soil. No artificial pesticides or fertilizers. We support our local community by allowing local artisans to sell their products at our boutique!

We even recycle paper bags and boxes for packaging and shipping!

We host classes (something to do in our community) especially for teens to provide more awareness to nature and preserving our planet.

Giving back

We set up couches and we provide free coffee and wifi to allow local small business to meet at our boutique and conduct their business.

We have a BUY NOTHING corner at the back of our boutique. We accept free items and give them back to those who want or need them. The idea is to prolong the life of these items and therefore less of them at the landfill.

We are also a proud partner of FULFILLING DESTINY, a non profit organization that provides sanitary products for homeless women in San Diego during their menstrual cycle. Our boutique serves as a drop off location for donations of sanitary products as well.