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Real plants for real people

Real plants for real people

Real plants for real people Real plants for real people


Established March 2018

Hi! My name is Melanie and I sell houseplants from home.

I got back into plants because  one Sunday afternoon my daughter asked me if she too is a green thumb like me so we took a trip to home depot and picked some plants and gardened all afternoon. That was so fun! And I thought, hey if this is something her and I can also do together you know bond... (other than watching tv or being on the computer) why not?

I started plants in High School, back in the Philippines. My mother had probably over 200 houseplants, from orchids, bougainvillea (I mean she had collected all the colors there was), houseplants such as calatheas, fittonias, except for cactus! 

I got into miniature cactus in college. I thought they were the cutest thing! But then I couldn't even afford to buy terra cotta pots so I planted them in recycled ice cream cups.


Everything I do here is geared towards a sustainable lifestyle. I use mostly terra cotta pots and ceramic pots except for when it is recycled plastic pots. Besides terra cotta pots are also good for the plants it retains water that can be absorbed by plants later if needed.  I also do not use artificial pesticides or fertilizers. I use organic compost soil as it is rich in nutrients for the plants. 

I sell handmade products from around as well such has handmade organic beauty soaps, handmade jewelry made of sustainable products. I also carry bamboo toothbrush and reusable straws among other things.

I host regular classes such as gardening class for kids, macramé class and also host free plant swaps on a quarterly basis.



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Giving back

THE HOUSE OF PLANTS is a proud partner of FULFILLING DESTINY, a non profit organization that provides products for homeless women in San Diego during their monthly cycle.